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About us Feng Xin (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 , it is a professional production of high quality aluminum alloy pergola shutters . as a quality conscious manufacturer , exporter and supplier , ensure that each product meets our standards . Our experts have designed an entire range of advanced foreign methods and the use of the latest machines and tools . all basic inputs are obtained through reliable and authorized suppliers on the market . put your clients needs first . we ensure that they are met in the best way possible . Learn more
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Aluminum pergola
Aluminum pergola Aluminum alloy outdoor louver pavilion is a functional sunshade product independently developed and produced by our company for outdoor leisure use. It is made of all aluminum alloy and intelligently controlled for wind and rain. It has various characteristics such as sunshade, lighting, ventilation, and rain protection, fully meeting the needs of outdoor leisure venues Learn more
How to start custom aluminum pergola
Jan.13.20 We offer custom products, so before putting order, you need know about what you would get from us, how much big the size you can do? how many colors? what additions you can add into the pergola? electricity details? You will understand later!
Gift for Christmas-Intelligent pergola
Dec.24.21 Christmas is coming,Merry Christmas,we provide the gift for you!
How to make the Pergola use in all Season?
Sep.17.21 Many Customer are thinking the pergola cannot be use in the winter, becuase the bad weater in the Winter, Rainy, snowy, windy also the minus 10 degrees, how can the pergola in the winter? The Glass definetely a good solution to make the per gola